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Shukokai World Karate Union Ryushinkan Trademark

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 This is the official home page of  
Ryushin-Kan International Karate-do


Soke Takeshi Masuyama was the personal assistant
and supervisor of sensei Tani, the founder of Shukokai Karate. Ryushinkan International Karate-do (S.W. K. U.) headquarters are situated in Kobe, Japan of which Soke Masuyama is the president.
Ryushinkan International Karate-do - President Takeshi Masuyama    The best teacher there is.

     Our training, aimed at the 'average' person, include:
  •      A comprehensive training program.
  •      Teaching positive attitude.
  •      Building confidence in one's capabilities.
  •      Creating awareness.

What can RIKF do for you?

  Increase your ability to focus on energy and concentration;
  Improve the control of your mind as you train your body to new depths of ability
and understanding;
  Program your mind for success and enhance your zest for life;
  Energize, motivate and encourage you to believe in yourself as never before;
  Provide self-satisfaction and enjoyment as you progress to higher levels of achievement;
  Reinforce your positive, mental attitude every time you train at our dojos;
  Every future decision you make will be based on your self image and self confidence (training at our dojo's      can help      you to believe in yourself and your abilities);
  We teach you an "art of peace" as a creative mind and body discipline, as well as practical and effective      means of      handling aggression in defense of oneself, and one's loved ones.
 All students will receive recognition from Japan through this affiliation.

Please vote
for us here

 We would like to welcome all students of karate,
of all styles, to our organization.

If you are interested in joining Ryushinkan International Karate-do (S.W.K.U.)

Countries with friendly relations
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Ryushinkan - International Head Office
                Christien van Zyl:
        International Liason Officer and

                Administrative Director
P.O.Box 1223,

Margate, 4275
Kwa-Zulu Natal,
South Africa
Fax: (27)39-317 4154
Tel: +27-82-927 1278


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