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2nd and 1st kyu
Brown Belts


You are now in serious training toward your black belt.
You must be able to do all techniques and combinations with noticable improvement.
From yoi: Haishu Uchi (back hand strike) Strike with the nuckles of open back hand
             Nihon nukite (two finger spear hand)
             Mawashi tzuki (Roundhouse punch)


You should be able to demonstrate locks, sweeps and throws.
Your freefighting should now be co-ordinated and effective.
On the punch bag you should demontrate effectiveness in single strikes and the ability to deliver multiple powerfull strikes

For 1st kyu you should be able to demostrate techniques showing understanding of the power of the stomach.


2nd Kyu Brown - Bassai Dai
1st  Kyu Brown - Seienshin
Annanko and Matsukaze are also a requirement for Senior karateka.

1st Degree Junior Black belts - Annanko
2nd degree Junior Black belts - Matsukaze