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REMEMBER    Be proud of what you are and show good spirit,
                   enthusiasm and have a positive attitude.
                   You can only get out of karate what you are prepared to put in.

What is the difference between a good karateka and a bad one?

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Grading Syllabus
As you take each new grade, the requirements for all previous gradings will apply, plus
the requirements for the grading you will attempt next.

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Since karate is literally what it means, fighting with empty hands it demands that we transform the whole body into a weapon and use it effectively. Therefore we must know the proper way to handle and care for our bodies.

Many karateka are under the misconception that it is sufficient to strengthen only the skin and flesh of the fist and the knife hand, without the co-operation of the wrist, arm, elbow and shoulder, the hands lack the power of being a weapon. Remember that logical training of the entire body and correct co-ordination is needed for the development of effective karate.
The hands are primarily used for blocking an opponent's attack and to strike and or punch an opponent. There are several blocks (uke), strikes (uchi), and punches (zuki) to the head, chest and lower areas of the body.

Nukite - Knife Hand
Correct way to punch
Hammer Fist Strike

In order to use your feet effectively, you need the co-operation of the ankle, knee and thighs. In all the foot techniques and kicks a strong ankle and a effective ankle snap are most important. The feet are used in a number of ways, stances, kicks and blocks
When you use the ball of the foot, be sure to keep your toes bent back as far as possible. Used in front kicks (mae geri)to the stomach or roundhouse kicks (mawashi geri)to the chin or ribs.

Ankle exercise
1. Lift the right foot and turn the ankle around in a circle a few times. Repeat with the other foot.

2. Tense the toes and thrust them forward lightly.

Achilles tendon exercise
Crouch on toes with heel raised. Rock back onto heels, straightening the legs and raising the toes.

Knee exercise
Crouch in a deep knee-bed position, and move the knees around in a circle. When the circle is complete, reverse the direction and repeat.

Knife foot (sokuto)
Generally used in side kicks, has an effect similar to the knife hand

Standing and walking are two of the most important things in life. Proper walking depends on proper standing. In karate, without the proper stance, walking, kicking, and katas are impossible to perform well.

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