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Shodan - Black Belt

Message To All Black Belts

  • Let us give freely of our knowledge to others so that we may all advance together.
  • Respect in the Dojo come from the black belt holder

Shodan - The awarding of dan status confers honour and responsibility upon the recipient. Dan holder are distinguished by the black belt worn around their waist.

The black belt is a symbol of strength, compassion and true dedication. The true karateka look upon the "Shodan" as the beginning and not the end of a journey. Only now will you really start to understand and learn the art of karate.
Black belt holders should remember that constant training is a necessary requirement for the Dan status to have meaning.

You must know the Japanese terminology for a wide range of techniques and should be competent in both kata and kumite. In proportion to your body weight, you have to show power and impact (shock), on a punch bag with a wide variety of techniques.
All of your past performances is now taken into account, spirit, etiquette,loyalty, helpfulness, attitude to others, regularity of training and many other factors.


1st Degree Junior Black belts - Annanko
2nd degree Junior Black belts - Matsukaze

Shodan                Saifa + Seipai + Jiin