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Shukokai World Karate Union Ryushinkan Trademark



J.S. Kalaimani
Chief Instructor &
General secretary
for India

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Shitoryu Shukokai South Africa Family tree
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Kata and WKF tournament rules explained
What do you have to know for gradings?WKF tournament referee and rulesJapanese terminology used in Karate
Karate and children
Some fun and free stuff
Karate and nutrition
News of Karate Association Shukokai South Africa
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E. Krishna Moorstay
5th Dan
Vice President

K. Saravanan
2nd Dan
Head Officer in charge

4th Dan
Senior Student

E. Shanmuga Raja
5th Dan
Senior student

K Saravanaa
3rd Dan
E.C. Member

3rd Dan
Senior Student

G. Sridhar
2nd Dan
1999 National Champion

R. Shankar

2nd Dan
Senior member

1st Dan
Senior student

K. Girija
Brown Belt


Brown Belt
Brown Belt