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Elias Jacobs (7th Dan) Kyoshi

Continental (U.F.A.K.) - "A" class Kumite Referee
Continental - Kata Judge

WKF SA . (World Karate Federation of South Africa) - Assistant Chief Referee

Ass of Boland Province - Chief Referee

RIKDOSA( Ryushinakan International Karate-do S.A.) - Founder Member
RIKDOSA - Chief Instructor

RIKDOSA. - National Executive Member

RIKDOSA - Senior Kumite Referee
RIKDOSA - Senior Kata Judge


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Karate Association Shukokai South Africa - Elias Jacobs

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Contact Details

Meltonrose School of Karate
4 Wittebolstreet

Tel: (021) - 9046545
083 460 2011



Western Cape Technical Commission

Elias Jacobs 7th Dan
André Jacobs 3rd Dan
Mario Boer 4th Dan


Arnold van Wyk


Sensei Elias Jacobs started karate in February 1970 in Cape Town with Sensei Eric Smith (4th Dan) and Sensei Gilbert Pearce (3rd Dan).

He trained in the Kimura Shukokai Style for his entire karate career. After Sensei Eric Smith stopped practicing karate due to health reasons, he joined the Samurai School of Karate under the leadership of Shihan Chris Thompson (7th Dan) in Claremont.

Sensei Elias graded from 1st to 3rd Dan under Shihan Chris Thompson. In 1988, he started with his Referee career.

He was graded to 4th Dan in August 1990 by Shihan Sigeru Kimura (9th Dan), the World Chief Instructor.

He had prior to this attended a course with Billy Blanks and Bill Wallace.
He has been a member of the Referees Commission of the Karate Association South Africa since 1993.

He became the Chief Referee of the Boland Province and has held this position since 1994.
In 1994, he participated in the World Shukokai "45 Years" Celebration Tournament in Kobe Japan.

After the tournament he spent time training with Sensei Maeda in Kobe. In 1996, he participated in the World Kimura Shukokai International Championships held in the USA.
He also officiated at this championships. He again officiated at the WKF World All Styles Children's Tournament at the Standard Bank Arena in Johannesburg, South Africa.
Shihan Chris Thompson graded Sensei Elias to 5th Dan on 14 December 1997 at the Samurai International Headquarters in Claremont.
In that same year, he was involved in a serious motor vehicle accident and soon after that, broke all ties with the Samurai Organization. Several other senior members followed him.
On 22 December 1998, he was one of the founder members of the Karate Association Shukokai - South Africa.
The new organization later affiliated to the Shukokai Karate-Do Japan (Ryushin-kan) in early 2000.

The Shihankai of Ryushin-kan appointed Sensei Elias the official representative in South Africa. He had officiated at the African Games held in Johannesburg in 1999.
At the 2000 All Africa All Styles Championships he was graded to Continental “A” Class Referee (kumite) and Continental Kata Judge.
In October of 2000, he and the other co-founders of the RIKDOSA, trained with Soke Takeshi Masuyama and other Japanese Shihans at a training seminar held in Cape Town.