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Shukokai World Karate Union Ryushinkan Trademark



Members: Please submit your details for inclusion.

We need information about you and your members, as well as photo's.


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Ryushinkan - International Headoffice

Christien van Zyl:

International Administrative Director

International Bureau Chief
P.O.Box 1223,

Margate, 4275
Kwa-Zulu Natal,
South Africa
*** Fax: (27)39-317 4154
Tel: +27-82-927 1278


Contact Christien for the following:

  • Those members wanting to seek permission to train in Japan with sensei Masuyama.
  • New members wanting to join the organization.
  • Members wanting to give any news to us.
  • Members wanting to say hello.


All mail and faxes are sent to Ryushinkan head office, who in turn, will forward it to the correct person for attention.

*** Please note that the fax is also an telephone / answering machine, however, it will pick up the fax signal and receive faxes automatically.
In the event of a person answering the phone, the fax will be started on receipt of the signal as well.










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