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Tom Goosen (3rd Dan)

RIKDOSA - National Executive member
Natioanl Database Administrator


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Tel: (H) 051 - 422 4526
(W): 051 - 401 6395
Cell: 083 320 1912

17 Nikkomdei Str


1978 Began Karate Career in Bloemfontein practicing Goju-Ryu with Sensei Russel Keet.
1980 Moved to Natal and joined Shukokai Karate. Trained with Sensei John Ferreira and Sensei Gary Howard.
1985 Graded to 1st Dan by Sensei Johan Botha.
1986 Obtained Instructor Status and opened the first Shukokai Karate Dojo in Bloemfontein.
1987 Trained with Sensei Kimura in Natal
1990 Obtained Provincial Colours for Kumite.
1991 Graded to 2nd Dan by Sensei Johan Botha.
1994 Did a Referee course with Sensei Peter Shamier (Natal)
1995 Opened a Second Dojo in Bloemfontein
1996 Had the biggest Karate Dojo in the FreeState.
1996 Graded to 3rd Dan by Sensei Johan Botha.
1998 - 2000 Served on the Free State Karate Committee.
2000 Provincial Kumite Coach with Sensei Ian Le Roux (JKA) for the Southern Free State Team.
2001 Transferred to Centurion and had to close my Dojo in Bloemfontein.
2003 Transferred back to Bloemfontein. Reopened my Dojo.
2003 Joined Ryushinkan International.
2004 Currently running the First Ryushinkan Dojo in the Free State.