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Shukokai World Karate Union

News and Calendar

This page is dependent on news from our members and will be updated as these become available

Photos from different venues are available at webshots photo album

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India 2005

During July 2005 a team of 9 people from South Africa, went to India to participate in the international tournament which was hosted in Chennai, Tamil Nadu India.

The South African team would like to thank sensei Kalaimani, his students, friends and family for the wonderful time spent in India. We were all well looked after and a lot was learned about India that week.

Arrangements are underway to send a big team to Chennai in July 2006. We hope that other countries will join us there.

On our return, we got "stuck" in Mumbay for 6 days, The first day due to SAA strike and thereafter the Monsoon rains.

Our deepest sympathy goes to all our Indian friends who lost loved ones in the floods caused by these rains.

There are photos posted at webshots Or copy and paste this address in your addressbar of your browser.

June 2001 - We had a gusshuku at T.O.Strand on the South Coast of Kwa Zulu Natal. SABC TV was there to film us and the following article was on the internet news

                                       Click here to go to the article

Photos of the training session at T.O. Strand in June 2001 was taken by some of the students and we have made an album to share at on the home page of this website you can download webshots screensaver and wallpaper manager for free, once this has been done you can download the photos into this manager and have them as sceensavers and wallpaper, or, you can look at them here.        Click here for the photos

We had a very successful tournament in Cape Town at the end of September 2001.
Sensei Masuyama brought a team of Japanese visitors with him. It was a real pleasure to have them here in South Africa and we hope that they will accept the offer to visit again.
As soon as we receive photo's from our members, we will post them on the net for all to enjoy.  Here are a few so long - click here

2003 Soke Masuyama and Christien van Zyl visited India Shitoryu, and we welcome them into our organization. May we have a long and happy karate relationship.

2004 Soke Masuyama and some of his students visited South Africa and competed in our national tournament at Uitenhage near Port Elizabeth. The trip was very successful and the students enjoyed themselves a lot.

2005 South Africa and Japan will send teams to compete in the All India Shitoryu Ryushinkan Tournament.