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South Africa
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Shukokai Wolrd Karate Union HomeShitoryu Karate Introduction
History of karate
Teachers of karate
Shitoryu Shukokai South Africa Family tree
Karate Association Shukokai South Africa members
Kumite explaned with WKF tournament rules
Kata and WKF tournament rules explained
What do you have to know for gradings?WKF tournament referee and rulesJapanese terminology used in Karate
Karate and children
Some fun and free stuff
Karate and nutrition
calander of karate events
News of Karate Association Shukokai South Africa
Links to other karate sites
Thank you to all these karate people


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National Executive Committee

Zanthus Lungiza (4th Dan)
Other members:
to be updated

Other dojo heads
Please submit your details for inclusion on this site.
Zanthus Lungiza Eastern Cape - East Londen
Phumzile Sinto Eastern Cape
Osmond Eastern Cape
Elliot Sheyi Border - King Williams Town
Mario Boer Boland - Pniel
Arnold van Wyk Boland instructor with Sensei Elias Jacobs
Peter Stegman Northern Cape
Tom Goosen Orange Free State